is an independent team of free-lance translators working in German, English, Greek, French and Spanish. This means that you are not dealing with an agency, but directly with the translator, thereby substantially reducing administration and other costs.

All the members of this team have a university qualification in translating and interpreting, as well as years of experience in their fields, constantly updated by visiting further training courses. In the course of our work we use state of the art software products in the field of computer-aided translation (not to be confused with machine-translation!) and the various options offered on the Internet, such as access to data bases and glossaries.

Our specialised areas include:

  • software localisation, websites
  • automotive technology
  • medicine
  • European integration
  • documents and contracts
  • humanities
  • advertising

Please refer also to the links to websites we have translated, or make direct contact with a translator yourself.

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